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About MasterTraderSpot   


MasterTraderSpot, was founded in 2010 by Terry Tran, a private and successful hedge fund manager based in Sydney, Australia.

MasterTraderSpot offers an abundance of financial content, from articles, tutorials and video, to frequently asked questions.
In addition to online content, MasterTraderSpot offers free daily trading newsletters covering all topics from trading and investing basics to trading psychology. Our newsletters cater to all audiences, whether it be the seasoned traders and investors wanting to learn just that little bit more, or inexperienced and frustrated individuals looking to get into the financial markets but don’t know where to start.

MasterTraderSpot continues to expand as new content is added weekly to cater to its ever growing financial audience.  

This site has been created for you in mind and please enjoy and may you learn and acquire what you need from MasterTraderSpot.